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Jen Reviews - Here you will find a very useful site with a specific article on the 100 Best Things to do in Italy. This site also covers a wide range of other topics.

Expats in Italy - Ex-pats web site offers assistance for those moving to or traveling to Italy. The site also has a forum with lots of information for the new or experienced traveler.

Italian Phone Book - Find the phone number and address of anyone (well almost anyone) in Italy. Search by name or reverse lookup an address if you have the phone number.

Cyber Guide to Rome - Clickable maps and more than 800 pages with Rome's places of interest.

Regions - Regional map of Italy with each region's flag.

Dolce Vita - On line magazine about Italy.

Delicious Italy - On line magazine about Italy.

Italian Made - On line magazine about Italy.

Discover Italia - On line magazine about Italy.

Agriturismo Il Rifugio is a villa in
Tuscany, Italy for rent by the owners.
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