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About Italy

Button This category includes on-line magazines, articles and sights that relate to Italian culture and history.

Facts & Figures

Button This is a very practical list. There is a link to a site that announces strikes, demonstrations etc. in Italy. Always check this site a couple of days before traveling in Italy. You can also find links to other useful information for planning your trip.

Car Rentals

Button Here you will find links to some local and several on-line agencies where you can select car models, pick up and drop off locations and dates.

Tours & Services

Button Here are some other travel-related sites.

Travel Insurance

Button We highly recommend travel insurance and suggest making the necessary arrangements with a reliable insurance company to cover all stages of the holiday including the unlikely possibility of flight, transport, or rental booking cancellations. Here is a list of agencies that I found by searching the Internet. Be assured we have no affiliation with any of these companies and suggest asking your travel agent to recommend a travel insurance company that best suits your needs.

Agriturismo Il Rifugio is a villa in
Tuscany, Italy for rent by the owners.
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